Quitting smoking – committing to a healthier lifestyle

Haven’t posted in a few days as I have been away but I am really excited to be saying that I have quit smoking for 2 months – and still going strong.

I previously smoked for years and always put off quitting as it was ‘just not the right time’. Well, facing the facts there is never a ‘right time’ to give up the cigarettes. Bite the bullet and quit today and I swear you will see the results.

So, I downloaded the Smoke Free app which is available for free on the Apple Store. The app allows you to enter how many cigarettes you smoke per day and how much they cost. This then calculates how much you save when you quit – seriously is such a big motivator just to see how much money you are saving! It also says the benefits of quitting smoking and how far you have to go to get there. (For example, after two days* your sense of smell is restored)

I found that I did not have many cravings – for me, I think it was my time to stop but when I did have cravings I would chew on chewing gum or go for a walk.

I believe many of smokers find it hard to break the habit – during your break at work you go for a cigarette, when your bored you have a cigarette etc. I found that if you completely change up your routine it becomes easier to break the habit and you will find you rarely think about smoking.

Vape pens

Many people I know have used the vape pens to quit smoking. Personally, it’s just replacing smoking to something more cost effective which is great however, as these are relatively new products and they haven’t been around long enough to see if they cause any damage to health. I wouldn’t recommend it but I completely understand why others use this as a method to quit smoking.

Grand results

So after 2 months I have saved a total of £475 and have not smoked 968 cigarettes!! How crazy is that!!

Also, below are the health benefits which really pushes me to keep going:

I would really recommend this smoke free app without this I would not have as much motivation and knowledge about how I can improve my health.

Now I know I can save up for that Chanel bag with the money I would have used to buy cigarettes 🙊

Seriously though guys make the right decision, challenge yourself and quit today! Best thing I have ever done.


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