Cruelty free make up – product review

When visiting my new favourite place in the world – Dubai I was able to visit one of my favourite shops – Sephora 😍
Absolutely love the brands and atmosphere in that shop!

Being very compassionate to all living beings nothing makes me more upset than to think of the brutality of animal testing – all for our vanity and for profit. Is this really needed to make our cosmetics great?

I decided to bin all of my make up products that are tested on animals and purchase new make up that are cruelty free and to see if there is any difference in the products that are not tested on animals.

I have done my research and have found the below guide from

PETA cruelty free database:Β

Kat Von D Foundation
I remember buying Kat Von D tattoo cover up foundation a few years ago in America and it was the best foundation I have ever had. So when I saw the lock-it foundationΒ I thought I would give it a try.

It goes on so smooth and gives a full coverage. After putting this foundation on, a friend told me that my skin looked flawless and another told me I was having a ‘pretty day’. This foundation is quite thick to give the full coverage so I would advise that once you put on your skin to make sure it is blended right away to prevent any patches! Overall i would give this a 8.5 out of 10 – I would say it is much better than the EstΓ©e Lauder double wear and MAC.

Kat Von D – Black Magick lip liner duo

Stunning colour. Not as shown on the box it is a lot lighter which is a little misleading.. But the colour is gorgeous which makes up for it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Dip Brow Pomade

I have always used the powder which smudges off in the rain. This product is great! Being as I tried this in the Dubai heat and when rubbing my brow when my skin was extra oily it did not wipe off or smudge. This is also super easy to apply!

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Concealer

I used to use the MAC concealer which I used to find oily and smudged off my skin quite easily.

When I tried Anastasia Beverly Hills concealer (bearing in mind I tried it in Dubai at high, humid temperatures) and it stayed on my skin, it felt smooth to touch instead of oily. I really like this concealer and will continue to use. 10 out of 10 ✌🏼️

NYX Skinny Mascara

I bought this off ASOS before going on my holiday. I didn’t really realise how thin the brush actually was until I opened it. But actually, it’s really good. Still, I prefer a thick brush for my eyelashes as I tend to spend a lot of time applying mascara for a full and thick effect. But I will use this for the bottom lashes, as because it’s a skinny brush, it is easier to apply to the bottom lashes without getting it on your skin. Every cloud eh? ☺️

NYX Setting Spray

To be honest, I rarely use setting spray unless I am going on a night out. When spraying, it felt so refreshing other than that I didn’t really feel any different I’m afraid.

I am keen to explore more NYX products as I have heared really good things about it. If you have any recommendations I would love to hear more.

Cruelty free is the way forward! MAC used to be my preferred brand as it was the popular brand and was favourited by many women and MUA’s. After trying these cruelty free products it shows make up can be just as good (if not better) and reasonable priced. And more importantly, no poor animals were harmed in the process. If it is possible for many brands to not test, why shouldn’t every brand be made to do the same? #bananimaltesting

Thanks for reading πŸ’—

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