Life of a fussy vegetarian 

In 2013, I decided to become a vegetarian. This was an easy decision for me as the only meat I used to enjoy was the processed food such as sausages, McDonald’s burgers, chicken nuggets etc.

I am also an animal lover and have always wanted to be a vegetarian from a child (roughly at 5 years of age) the moment I said to my father whilst food shopping “Dad, that [whole] chicken looks like a real chicken!” My dad quickly responded “that’s because it is a real chicken!” He said that look on my face was heartbreaking and I wouldnt eat chicken or wouldn’t stop talking about it for months.

So 3 and a half years ago I decided to do it and I have never looked back! I found it easy because I wasn’t a big meat eater anyway but there are some struggles I face daily.

Eating out

Although It is getting better than before, there is still very limited options for vegetarians on restaurant menus. And when you are trying to eat healthy you have absolutely no chance unless you want a plain salad as everything is pretty much cheese – it’s even trickier for vegans! There are now shops in London that are vegetarian only. I have found a list on the below website:

Vegetarian only restaurants

Meat replacement foods

Meat replacement foods do not taste as bad as people make out and it is a great replacement for meat however, it is all processed. When you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle these meat replacement foods are no good for you.

Instead of putting the “Quorn Chicken Style Pieces” in your wholemeal wrap why not add Brocolli, spinach and sweet corn instead? If you put enough vegetables in, it will fill you up as much as the chicken style pieces would.

People don’t always understand

Some people really don’t seem to understand and give you the third degree I always get told “it would be so much easier if you ate meat” “why are you being so difficult?” And “we can’t eat there because of the fussy vegetarian”. Most of it is banter but I can’t help but think there is a little resentment but everyone is entitled to have their own beliefs and this is mine. I will never change who I am for others. Always stand by what you believe in, it makes you stronger. People who love you may not understand but they will go along with it.

Make your own food

I’m very fussy. I hate mushrooms and peas freak me out. Everything vegetarian seems to have mushrooms or peas in it can be really tricky and I do feel very limited.

I try to make my own foods such as Omlettes, salads and peanut butter and veg wraps (yes you heard that right).

I will post some recipes once I get into the swing of cooking (as I am still learning).

This post is not to force anyone into being a vegetarian, it is simply the struggles which may be relatable and a guidance for anyone who is considering becoming a vegetarian ☺️

4 thoughts on “Life of a fussy vegetarian 

  1. Spoon You Fork Me says:

    Yeah in the end you have to eat food that tastes good for you! I was a vegetarian for a year or so and I couldn’t stand those meat replacement products… also not a fan of tofu… but I just ate the vegetables I liked and made sure I was getting proper nutrition from what I ate.
    btw, it’s my daughter’s one year vegetarian anniversary today 🙂

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