Easy ways to earn extra money

I have always been told to never rely on one income. I used to think to get a second income you had to jump on the property ladder. That is a great way however, that requires a lot of money in the first place! So here are a few ways to earn some extra cash!

Selling on eBay 

eBay is a goldmine. Your old tat can be someone else’s treasure! 
Anything from clothes, electrical items, crafts to home accessories sell well and if you market it right (taking decent pictures and write a good description) your items are very likely to go for a decent price. 

TIP: schedule your listing for 7pm on a Thursday evening for 10 days meaning it will end on Sunday at 7pm. This is the perfect time as most people browse the Internet during their ‘down time’ on Sundays. 


If your creative or have the patience to learn, you can make something and sell it on etsy, eBay or even through Facebook and Instagram! 

People LOVE crafts as they can be unique and make the perfect gifts. 

Invest in yourself 

Why not take a short course and use that new skill to set up your own mini business? 

Wowcher have a range of courses for cheap where you can learn a new skill from make up to excel courses. 

Online surveys 

Why not make money from your computer and complete online surveys for cash. Websites like Swagbucks and Surveybods are legitimate survey websites. 

The only downfall to this is that they can be pretty time consuming and can take a few hours to get earn enough money to withdraw. But if you at home on the laptop anyway it’s definitely worth a go!


You can make money from blogging if you have the right content and have engaged followers. Companies may take interest in your blog and send you freebies to review or you can sign up to Google Adsense and businesses pay to display ads on your blog. 

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