The London commute through a people watchers eyes

I’m a big fan of people watching, and for me, the best time to do this is when commuting into London on a busy train, packed like sardines with other commuters who are just as pleased as I am at 7am. Yes, even at 7am the train is ridiculously busy!
You get so many different people from what I imagine are on completely different walks of life. Although, I have noticed a trend of types of people on the train.


Most people remain absolutely silent with music in, completely engrossed on their phones – pretty much like I am when writing this. Which makes me wonder, what is keeping them entertained to pass the time? Are they just looking at their phone to make it look like they are doing something? Listening to an interesting podcast relating to the job they are travelling to? Or maybe researching the latest fashion tips, self development or just scrolling through facebook and twitter!


I find that there is always someone reading the newspaper or doing a crossword to pass the time – so old school but I love it!


There is always that ‘group’ of people among the crowd who will chat the whole journey. Everyone else is absolutely silent and can hear their conversation half way down the carriage but they still continue to gossip about “John and Lisa having marital problems…” However I must admit, it is entertaining!

Harry Potter queue

Arriving at Kings Cross station and rushing off the train so I do not get trampled by the stampede of people and passing the massive queue for Platform 9 3/4. I am very aware that there is a massive Harry Potter craze but the queue to take a selfie by the wall is constant – no matter what time it is!

Crowds of people in the center

Without fail, there will always be a crowd of people standing in the center of Kings Cross station waiting for the platform of each train to be announced. As soon as it appears on the screen, everyone darts in opposite directions!

Running for the tube

Everyone is always in a rush in London. I guess it’s because people are on their way to work, but if people are not trying to dodge past one another, they are sprinting towards a tube. Now I have a fear of getting stuck in a tube door, so I stroll along and if I miss the tube so what? There will be another one in a minute! But that’s just me πŸ™‚

So if you live outside of London and are thinking about changing your job and travel in via train, at least you now have a heads up of what the commute is like πŸ™‚

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6 thoughts on “The London commute through a people watchers eyes

  1. beetleypete says:

    I lived in London for 60 years, mostly close to the centre. (The last 12 years were in Camden Town) So I know what you are talking about in this post!
    Thanks for following my blog. It is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. music2commute2 says:

    Its is a great place to people watch, providing its not too jam packed! If anyone’s interested you can read about what I am listening to on my iPod here….


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