Oh so nude…

I am so into nude lipsticks at the moment. I love the dramatic eyes and subtle lips look therefore I am always carrying one of my MAC favourites. 
Can you tell which is the newest?😂 from left to right:

Kinda Sexy, Honey Love, Yash, Pure Zen and Velvet Teddy. 

7 thoughts on “Oh so nude…

    • Luella says:

      pconroy:This is correct (as far as the namo)nalistiBeing and the area North were “barbarian” areas until and not actually controlled by Han Chinese until the Ming Dynasty, it was made capital of China by the Mongols. They had a Han population for hundreds of years, but it was never part of the Han Heartland…that was too the South West between the Yellow River and the Yangtze River…centered around Xi’an.


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