Beauty Blossoms 10 easy Beauty Tips


Major tip: make sure your foundation matches your skin tone. Adding foundation to your neck to try to blend not only discolors your face and neck from the rest of your body but takes to much time and effort – and your foundation will run out quicker – nobody likes that!

If you want a darker tone for an event or night out, apply fake tan and then a darker foundation to match.

Thick, fluffy eyebrows

Want eyebrows like Cara Delevingne? This tip may help! Wet a clear bar of soap (I use ‘pears’ soap from Tesco) rub a spoolie or eyebrow brush on the soap and brush the soap through your eyebrows, spiking them upwards. Leave overnight and then wash the soap off in the morning. Repeat every evening and eyebrows appear thicker over time.

ALWAYS use primer

There is such a difference when using primer on your skin before foundation. For me, this allows me to easily blend and correct any patches I have missed early in the morning. This also protects your skin from breakouts. Allow your skin 5 minutes to absorb the primer before applying foundation.

Use the correct brushes

This is something that I have learned along the way. Different brushes have different purposes. If you want that beautiful blend you need to use a blending brush – simple and obvious right? Always know what type of brush you are using and do your research on how to use them.

I saw Anastasia Beverley Hills tutorial on Instagram where she said to use a different brush when applying eye shadow above the crease of your eye and use circular motions – if Ana says it, i’m doing it! πŸ™‚

Do not use your fingers

It is my pet hate when I see someone rubbing their make up with their fingers. The pressure from your fingers smears the make up into your pores, making them stand out.

Use matte base on eyelids

When applying eyes shadow, you need a base. Most people use a shimmery eye shadow but this can make your eyes look really puffy. The whole purpose of adding shine is to make it stand out, like highlighting your cheekbones or brow bone. Whereas adding a matte colour base or concealer will create depth.

Get the perfect eyeliner

Getting the perfect winged eyeliner is a profession in itself! But finally there is a logical hack! Add sellotape to the corners of each eye, roughly 6cm long and slightly tilted upwards and then apply the liner. This prevents uneven sides and reduces mistakes!

Turn eyeliner/brow pencil into gel

Simply hold a lighter to the tip of the pencil for literally two seconds and then leave it cool for 20 seconds and apply once cool enough for a gel look!

Do your brows first

There’s debate on what to apply first. After testing different ways of applying make up (believe me, there are a lot!) I found that the following order is best:

  • applying the pencil or gel to your eyebrows first
  • adding concealer to touch up above and underneath the brows
  • add concealer to the eyelids
  • Add eye shadow
  • Then eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Apply foundation
  • Then concealer under the eye (underneath the bottom eye shadow)
  • Powder to concealer
  • Contour
  • Highlight
  • Translucent powder
  • Lip liner and lipstick 

Of course, every person is different! Personally, when applying eye shadow mistakes can be made and excess powder can spill under the eyes, therefore you do not waste make up by removing then re-applying foundation etc.

Do not put concealer too close to the eyes

If you have noticed, there are creases under your eyes, adding concealer will sink into these creases making them appear deeper than what they actually are. Apply concealer roughly an inch below the bottom of your eye instead.




4 thoughts on “Beauty Blossoms 10 easy Beauty Tips

  1. She's All Kat says:

    very curious, the soap for the eyebrows have you done it to yourself before? I’m sure you have anyways but how did it help? I really like your tips by the way keep up the good work πŸ™‚


  2. Blossom Beauty says:

    Ahh yes! My friend who has the most incredible eyebrows told me to do this a month ago and I now do this every night ☺️ my eyebrows are so fluffy now and are starting to slowly look thicker give it a try!
    Thank you so much really glad you enjoy xx


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