London igloo’s in April! 

So one of the things that have been on my list since Christmas time was to eat in an igloo at the coppa club in London. 

I like the idea of doing something different or something a little on the quirky side so for me, this was perfect. The igloos had been fully booked until the end of April (which is when they were up until) and you could only visit on the day and wait for a free table in an igloo if you were lucky. Luckily for me there must have been a cancellation when I went online and managed to book a table for myself and my partner. 

The food was lovely, not too pricey and a great selection on the menu. I’m basic when it comes to ordering! 

For starters I had crispy fried truffled gnocchi which was absolutely insane! A margarita pizza for main and lemony ricotta cheesecake for dessert 😍

The igloos themselves were lovely however, there were 3 tables crammed inside ours leaving little space so it was pretty crowded. I feel we went at the right time and had the right weather as between 7-9pm was still light but had the sunset overlooking tower bridge which was a beautiful setting and the weather was quite nice – rain would have spoilt it.  Inside the restaurant also looked fresh and classy. 

Overall it was a lovely evening and a pretty setting, if your looking for nice food in London that doesn’t break the bank I would recommend the coppa club restaurant. 

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