Top 4 series to watch on Netflix 


My favourite series at the moment! Currently 3 seasons on Netflix (season 4 out this summer!) about a New York businessman who moonlights as a drug distributor. Very exciting program that leaves you needing to watch another episode each time. 

13 reasons why

A deep American drama about a teenage girl who commits suicide and leaves tapes describing the moments leading up to her death and why she did it. 

Really deep but worth a watch , it begins as a ‘typical high school’ series but if you continue to watch it gets really deep and hooks you in. Also it is really relatable to cliques of people in school and opens your mind to how people treat each other can have a big effect. 

Prison break

Prison break is about two brothers, one is sent to prison in death row for a murder that he was framed for. The other brother gets himself sent to prison and attempts to save his brother by breaking them out of prison. Full of exciting cliff hangers.. I completed all 4 seasons in 6 days it was that good! Season 5 is out now too!


Family’s have a free trip to Benidorm and the series shows the antics they get up to. If your looking for something entertaining and hilarious, you need to watch Benidorm! 

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