Summer on a budget in 9 easy steps 

Want to do things in the summer but money is tight? Hopefully these tips will help!

  1. Flash deals – Wowcher is a great website to find deals for a 2-3 day city break, afternoon tea bookings and so much more! Make sure to book the deal early to lock in the dates you want!
  2. Airbnb – you can get fantastic deals for beautiful accommodations around the world with Airbnb from renting a room to renting a whole house, villa or apartment I would seriously reccomend booking with airbnb!
  3. Tesco Clubcard – did you know you can go for meals, holidays and days out with Tesco Clubcard? They have over 400 partners around the U.K. Where you can turn your everyday shopping into a meal at PizzaExpress or a day at West Midlands safari park! Treating your family this summer couldn’t be cheaper! All you need is a Clubcard. 
  4. Get cashback on usual spending – Top cashback offers so many different cashback on in-store and online retail purchases, you could be saving 100’s! Visit them now and get saving. 
  5. Avoid temptation – do you really need a new swimsuit or can you reuse last years bikini? Avoid temptation of shopping when you don’t need anything. Trust me, it makes a difference!
  6. Save as you spend – websites like topcashback and quidco means that you can spend online or in a store but get cash back by going through their channels. Win win!
  7. Have a no-spend day – lock yourself in your house once a week and binge watch Netflix and do not order a takeaway or spend a penny! Doing this at least once a week can make a big difference in your wallet. 
  8. Switch banks for a cash bonus – this sounds like hassle, but actually really easy as the banks arrange everything. Some banks can pay up to £200 to switch current accounts to them. Visit Martin Lewis money saving expert for an up to date list of banks offering cash to switch. 
  9. Change your mindset – finally, the best way to change your life is to change your mindset. Even when I have plenty of money, I tell myself that I need to budget. By always budgeting your money you can take control of your finances. Also like I mentioned earlier, using the question “do I really need that?” Before making a purchase and maybe think of what that money could buy you instead which makes a difference long term (that £50 top could go towards a holiday instead etc). 

I hope this helps! It would be great to hear your money saving tips as I am always looking for new ideas to use myself 🙂

Please checkout my blog for more hints and tips!

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