Pray for the world 

Today, I not only pray for London, I prey for the world. 

Sadly, praying does not fix the problem. There have been 3 incidents in the past 3 months and as much as we unite together and stand strong, poor innocent people are still getting slaughtered for nothing but hate. 

In the news, they say that a way to prevent terrorist attacks is by use of better intelligence. I’m not sure how much of that I believe. I believe that if people are known as a threat, quicker action should be taken but can every single person in Europe or even the worlds intentions be monitored? People were attacked with knives, cars and man made nail bombs – things that any human being can get their hands on. How can that be prevented?

People are afraid to live their lives, preparing for the next incident and hoping they are not in the wrong place at the wrong time. Scared of exposing children’s innocent minds to the dark reality. Why should we live in fear? My heart breaks and I feel anger and sadness. 

The general election results will be interesting, to see how the politicians retaliate and whether that will do more harm than good. Are these extremists reacting to the wars that are happening in countries like Syria where attacks like this occur every day killing innocent people. Why can’t people see that hate, revenge and violence only make things worse? It feels like a cruel game between multiple parties and innocent people are getting caught in the crossfire. 

It’s such a clique but a true one at that. If people around the world learned to love each other then there would be no evil. 

Today I pray for mess we call the world and hope one day we will find peace. 

3 thoughts on “Pray for the world 

  1. DeScribe says:

    Evil is the most perverse product of man’s mind. Yet we must never let it cower and intimidate us. We must let our light shine through from our various small corners until they merge and envelope the whole earth.

    I know I sound like a dreamer, still we must try.


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