5 fashion struggles when you’re 5 foot tall

Ok, so I lied, I’m 4 foot 11 (and ¾!!). In addition to the daily struggles of being vertically challenged in everyday life, there are some fashion struggles too which I’m sure you petite girls can relate to!

  • Petite clothes are still too big
    It’s great that most stores now do clothing suitable for petite girls, amazing in fact! Most websites say ‘fits 5’3 and under’ which again is great but in all honestly only really fits women at 5’3. I still have to fold my jeans a little. Even though petite clothing is better, they can still be too big!
  • You don’t actually know what size you are
    One store you may be a size 10, the next you could be a size 6 – who knows! The arms may be too long on a top or the body may be too long on a playsuit – it’s all a suprise really!
  • Staying on trend can be tricky
    You may be able to just get away with wearing a tight fitted pencil skirt but any other midi skirt ends up being an ankle tapping funny looking tent. Culottes look too long and do not glide like it would on a fashion model. And of course, every maxi dress or palazzo pants need to be taken up to prevent them dragging on the floor behind you as you walk…
  • LOVING at item that doesn’t suit you
    Seeing that beautiful dress on ASOS that looks amazing on the model and on any other tall person but just knowing it will be too long and it does not exist in the petite section.
  • Modelling can be tough
    Modelling is most girls fantasy at some point in their lives. There’s just an attraction of glamour and the idea of the exciting lifestyle. But if you’re tiny, fashion modelling is a no go. Petite modelling is very niche anyway but 5’6 is classed as petite. You could go into commercial modelling but most modelling agencies do not want a one trick pony, they want the full package – unless you’re famous or have a following of course. There’s still hope!

Although there are struggles there are some wonderful factors to being on the petite side such as getting away with fitting into teen clothing! And as they always say, good things come in small packages!

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17 thoughts on “5 fashion struggles when you’re 5 foot tall

  1. Jessica Jade says:

    I completely get this! I’ve seen sooo many beautiful maxi dresses but I just can’t wear them, they either make me look frumpy or they’re way too long! Even shortish dresses end up being too long and not fitting right round the waist! It’s ridiculous!

    Jessica Jade
    jessicajadebeauty.com xxx


  2. Hanna says:

    Oh well, the struggles! Haha… these are what my petite friends keep lamenting too, esp not having their size for a dress/clothes/pants that they really, really like. I support women of all size & shape though. 😉


  3. Esther says:

    Ha… The size thing is so relatable. You’ll just rather wear the cloth and see if it’s your fit, and modeling? That a no no, of course with the exceptions you gave.


  4. Isn't She Crafty says:

    So true. My wedding dress was ordered in the special ‘short’ size, but the seamstress still pleas had to unpick the lace edging, cut 3 inches off the bottom of the dress and restitch the lace!


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