Anxiety doesn’t just affect humans…

Meet my furry friend Ruby. An anxious Pomeranian dog!

Yes, she’s very anxious! Around people and dogs that she is familiar with she’s a madam. However, she gets stressed if she hears unfamiliar noises, meets people she does not know and sometimes for no reason.

As you can imagine bonfire night is her worst nightmare – and ours!

I’m sure Ruby is not the only dog who gets like this. I’ve found something that has helped a little and wanted to share with other dog owners.

I’ve bought her an anxiety vest, called a Thundershirt, it’s meant to touch all of the pressure points to make her feel as if she is being hugged, then making her feel calm and potentially safer.

When I first put this on, she didn’t know what to do with herself and wouldn’t move. Once I left the room she quickly followed and she seems fine and stopped panting.

I’m yet to find a more girly glam looking vest but as long as it works and makes her feel more secure that’s all that matters. How cute does my little teddy bear look though? 😍

7 thoughts on “Anxiety doesn’t just affect humans…

  1. Blue Settia says:

    My dog is the same way! I can tell when he is nervous. He will lay on me in a way that appears…awkward…like he’s afraid to get super close. I try to let him know he can lay on me fully but he gets so scared. Like nervous. Interesting right?!
    The vest for your dog is so cute! Is it helping? She’s adorable 🙂 love this post.


    • Blossom Beauty says:

      Oh bless him. It’s horrible when you feel like you can’t help them all you can do is let him know he’s safe with you. Yes it is helping a little, she’s still nervous but seems to be calmer than she was! Hopefully this continues x


  2. apoorva907 says:

    Aww , you have a very cute dog! I love dogs and I did own a Labrador once but now I don’t! I want a new pup but my mom doesn’t agree! Lucky you! I hope your dog overcomes her anxiety


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