Beauty blender:: Savvy Spender

In this day and age, we want to look fabulous while doing the things that we love – whether that’s travelling, date nights, afternoon tea which of course can come at a price. It’s easier to become a savvy spender than you think, which means you can spend more dollar on doing the things you love and still look great.

It’s a great feeling when you own a high price item from a luxury brand but what if I told you that you could buy very similar products, still look fashionable without breaking the bank? Keep reading.

Primark vs Valentino

On the left, shoes from primark – £14 (other colours include nude and black).

On the right, Valentino shoes – £620.

You can judge for yourselves, looking at both pictures the only obvious difference is the colour. A fantastic replica.

Total savings £606 


Tom Ford vs Bourjois


On the left, Bourjois bronzer from Superdrug for £7.99 – don’t be fooled by the small box, this lasts ages!

On the right, Tom Ford bronzer, £52 for a small box.

Both have a matte finish and gives the sun-kissed look, there is honestly no difference to justify the price difference other than the branding.

Total savings £44.01


Iconic London vs Topshop

On the left, Topshop Glow liquid highlighter – £12.50

Iconic London illuminator  – £29.99

While I absolutely love the illuminator that is highlighting all celebs on Instagram, this Topshop Glow is just as dazzling and literally a fraction of the price.

Total savings £17.49


Laura Mercer vs Baking Powder


On the left, Baking powder from Tesco – £1.40.

On the right, Laura Mercer translucent setting powder from House of Fraser – £29.

A cheeky little hack which lasts longer and saves you money – usually found in your kitchen cupboard!

Total savings £27.60


Urban Decay vs Tresemme


On the left, Tresemme hairspray from Tesco – £1.70

On the right, Urban Decay ‘all nighter’ setting spray from Debenhams – £23.50

Yes, you saw it right, in stead of using setting spray to keep your make up in place, spritz  touch of hairspray on your face. This will hold your make up for the remainder of the day.

Total savings £21.80
Save your money on beauty and fashion products and spend more on the memories. 

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