The in thing:: Pink Boutique Brand

Hello and happy payday to most!

There are so many fashion brands appearing as if from nowhere. So many instagram models looking absolutely incredible in an outfit, you order it only to realise that the quality is poor and cheap looking, the clothing doesn’t fall right on you and of course the models are 5’8 so the clothes don’t really sit right either!

What I like about Pink Boutique is that they are a unique fashion brand that sell good quality clothing for reasonable prices. The clothes look the same in person as they do in the photograph, which as you all know can be the biggest bain of online shopping!!

My favorite thing is that their models (are absolutely beautiful) but also a variety of sizes. I’ve seen some 5’4 models there as well as an Instagram influencer, Polly Marchant who is around that size too.

For me, this is a brand for real women. Not giving a high expectation of size (pardon the pun) which for me is a big deal and bold move in the fashion industry. We need to see more of a variety as all women are different shapes and sizes and not 5’9 and thin.

For anyone who hasn’t visited Pink Boutique yet, I seriously recommend taking a look and you can make your own judgement. Some photographs of my next purchases below:

Dress – £32

Dress – £22

Dress – £17

Top – £22
Cannot wait until they arrive!

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