MAC bronzing powder:: Review

For years I have used MAC foundation, mascara and have a collection of lipsticks and I’ve have always been pleased with the results. 

So when I decided to purchase the MAC bronzing powder – matte bronze, I thought this would be another great product. Sadly, that was not the case. 

The bronze is pretty dark, as you can see in the picture above. When applying, it comes out very faint and need to layer and layer for it to be visible which is not ideal. My skin is NW15, which MAC users will know is very fair skin. 

It’s difficult to get the bronzer on the make up brush too, I find I repeatedly have to run the brush along the bronzer to get visible powder on the brush which can be frustrating. 

If you like the natural look, as if you aren’t wearing any make up then this may be a good product for you. Although I would recommend using cheaper alternatives that give the same results. 

For the price of Β£23.00, it’s really not worth the purchase. I’ll be sticking with Bourjois bronzing powder for Β£7.99 which is the best and cheapest bronzer I’ve used to date. 

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