How to grow your hair:: Strong, long and healthy

At one point in a women’s lifetime, we have dreamed of having luscious, long and thick hair. But having your dream hair takes a lot of work and effort to maintain. 

Here are some tips to help grow your hair faster and to keep it looking beautiful.

Curly hair

My hair before having it cut short!


Stop blow drying your hair

Applying heat to your hair can cause serious damage to it. Not only drying out your hair but causing the ends to snap preventing it from growing.

Let your hair dry naturally to keep your hair healthy, allowing it to grow faster.

Go natural

The same applies for hair straighteners and curlers.

Once your hair has dried naturally, why not put your hair in plaits, a bun or leave it as it dries?

Or curl your hair once and then pin the curls at night to keep curls until your next wash.

The less you do to the hair (for longer periods off time) the healthier and stronger your hair will become.

Have your hair cut every 6 weeks 

Of course if you chop inches off your hair every 6 weeks you won’t get anywhere! Just a trim will cut off the split ends allowing your hair to grow healthily without snapping.

Use coconut oil 

Coconut oil has many benefits – deep conditioning being one of them. By keeping your hair strong and healthy, your hair will grow faster. Add the oil to dry hair (preferably before washing) leave for a minimum of two hours and wash off. Coconut oil can also be used to nourish your scalp while massaging.  Find out more ways to use coconut oil

Brush your hair less

Brushing your hair can cause your hair to snap. It goes without saying, you need to brush your hair to avoid it getting knotted but there are techniques to brushing your hair. Always start from the ends of your hair, using a soft brush and work your way upwards.

Brush twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening if necessary.

Head massage 

Massaging your scalp can increase the blood circulation to the hair follicles which stimulates hair growth! Use coconut oil or tea tree oil to nourish your scalp while massaging!

Drink lots of water

Did you know that each hair shaft on your scalp is one quarter water? Think of your hair as a plant – in order for the plant to grow, you need to give it the amount of water it needs to flourish. Drink 10 glasses of water a day – you’ll also feel other benefits to your hair and skin!

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