Do you have Warm or Cool skin undertones? Find out now. 

What are skin undertones and how to find your undertone.

Do you ever wonder why some colours look amazing on others but not on you? This may be because the colour does not match your skin tones!

The breakdown

First, lets understand what the different skin undertones actually are.

  • Cool – Pink, red or bluey undertones
  • Warm – Yellow, peach or gold undertones
  • Neutral tones – A bit of both!

Find out your undertone

  1. Check your veins
    Are they green or blue? If they look blue, you are more likely to have cooler undertones and if they are green you are more likely to have warmer undertones.
  2. Jewelry
    Does silver or gold jewelry compliment you more? We all have our preferences but really think about what actually looks better on you. Usually, people with warmer undertones look better in gold jewelry and silver compliments people with cooler undertones.
  3. Eye and Hair colour
    Generalising, people with cool undertones have blue, green or grey eyes and have blonde, brown or black hair with bluey, silver and ash undertones tones.
    People with warm undertones usually have brown or hazel eyes with strawberry blonde, red, brown or black hair with yellow and orange undertones.
  4. Tanning
    How does your skin tan? Do you burn very easily or are you one of the lucky ones who only have to look at the sun and go a sun-kissed golden brown?
    Cool undertones tend to burn easily where warm undertone skin tends to go brown.
*This is a guide and as always there are exceptions to the rule.

Now that you have a better understanding of your skin undertones, this should help when choosing lipstick shades, finding the right jewelry and the colours that help make you look your best.


14 thoughts on “Do you have Warm or Cool skin undertones? Find out now. 

  1. Britney says:

    Very informative. I figured I had cool toned skin, since I have redness on my face, but this post basically solidified it. I never knew that trick with the veins. Everything you said about cool undertones is true for me. I have blue veins, I look better in silver jewelry, I have blonde hair and blue eyes, and I burn super easily.

    Now you should do a post about which shades go best with each type of skin.


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