Find the TopCashback hummingbird – UK 2018

So I’ve gotten slightly addicted to trying to find the Topcashback hummingbird! For anyone who hasn’t seen this competition yet and wondering what I’m talking about, TopCashback are giving customers the chance to win instant prizes for visiting the website. Head over to TopCashback website for more information on how to get started.

The whole point of this post is to share the locations I’ve found so far and little hints that I’ve picked up in hope to help other searchers!

Pages I’ve found the hummingbird:

  • eBay
  • Virgin Media
  • Ernest Jones
  • John Greed Jewellery
  • Groupon
  • M&M Direct
  • Interflora

Tips I’ve picked up

  1. Visit each category page and click on each retailer page
  2. Figure out the daily clues, if your confused (todays’ was a badge saying hello my names john and a monster with a speech bubble saying ‘all mine!’) type in the search bar something that is relevant (for example, John) this should help figure it out
  3. If your still struggling, share on Facebook and Twitter with friends
  4. Check the trending pages – usually there’s one hiding there!
  5. Once you’ve found a hummingbird, leave the website for at least an hour. I’m not sure whether it is a coincidence but I’ve found if I space out my search I find the hummingbird a lot quicker the next time I visit the website
  6. Buy-to-win bonus – if you make a purchase from one of the selected retailers (using TopCashback) you will be automatically entered into the prize draw. Don’t buy something for the sake of it of course, but there is a lot of selection I’m sure you’ll find something you ‘need’

A great competition for a bit of fun and an opportunity to win something without being flooded with junk emails! If you have been playing the game like me and have any other hints and tips please share!

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